Monday, July 30, 2007


the title of this entry is a tarantula, ya dig?

i've been thinking about my growing anti-capitalist leanings of late. not to say i'm gonna turn into a dumpster-diving freegan, i'm no total asshole, and i'm not beginning a career as a +5 dexterity thief. i just want another way. i would rather not interact with money. or work. the real problem isn't me. i would stop making money and let my life go to shit if their weren't people who would be sad about it. and that maybe one day some girl will let me grow some smaller me's in her belly, and if that time comes how am i gonna feed, clothe, and educate those two foot piles of hair? but anytime i can get around the normal systems of money, i'm pleased. anytime those in power are willing to circumvent business as government. awesome. i would be a communist if i wasn't such a pussy.

i've also been amazed how how marijuana brings out all my worst qualities and yet i love it so. just reread this entry with that in mind.

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